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Clive All Saints, Clive, Shropshire, SY4 3JN


Clive All Saints

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Clive Church in Shropshire

Shropshire Church

The intriguing history of Clive Church can be dramatically illustrated by a comparison of the two buildings standing approximately forty years apart: the 1851 B.M.Culley watercolour showing the original “old stone building” as described in a contemporary guide [Casey’s Trade Directory.1875. p.122.]; and a view of the transformation by the final addition of tower and spire in 1894 to produce “ One of Shropshire’s beauty spots, its tall spire and stately tower are a landmark for miles.” [The King’s England. Shropshire. Ed: Arthur Mee. 1939. p.68].

From earliest beginnings through to the magnificent structure that today proudly dominates the village of Clive, this history of our parish church is recorded as a testament to those individuals from our community, past and present, who have played a vital role in its continuing development.